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  1. These are approximate: per slice, calories 200, total fat 9g, cholesterol 35mg, sodium 230mg, carbs 27g, fiber 1g, protein 3g.

  2. I am glad it worked for you.

  3. Thank you for informing us. The company changed, apparently, and they forgot to tell me. It should work now.

  4. There are many options which can work. My website managers at GAN can help:

  5. I’m sorry it didn’t work. I used a 9×13 pan instead of loaf pans, and it worked ok. Did you use real cheese? The dried stuff that comes in a can won’t work.

  6. I didn’t know that CrazyWin had moved on; thanks for telling me. Here is a link for Inbox Pounds, which is a similar offer.

  7. For many years, I have purchased cars 3 to 5 years old. They are new enough to be reliable, yet much less expensive than a new one. The insurance and taxes are also a lot less. Many cars of this age also still include some warranty. If you really need it, you can now buy little fragrance goodies with “new car” smell, or put a piece of new carpet under the seat. Good luck.

  8. I am so glad you enjoyed it, Mrs Baker. Best of luck!

  9. From our site posting, press the button “free magazine” or follow this link. I can’t order it for you (and I deleted your address for security reasons).

  10. After you click on the link I provided, you get to the website. From there, choose “magazine” and you get the option of printed magazine or app. Maybe you can get both (I don’t know).

  11. We went to a lot of work to make the site mobile-friendly. Maybe an app later…

  12. It sounds like you just have more debt than you an handle. Pay off some of the loans you already have, then try again. There are some free debt counseling services out there; you might try one (just be careful that they are run by an established charity or the Government so you don’t get ripped off).

  13. I am glad you got the free razor you requested.

  14. We have run this promotion for a couple years. You should check it out before dissing it.

  15. The offer does not include additional blades. You got the free razor you requested and more. Did you think they were going to supply you with freebies for the rest of your life?

  16. We have had no problems and regard security very highly. All the information we get is held internally and never shared with anyone.

  17. No topic is too far off. Blogs are not difficult to set up; getting people to participate is a little harder. Feel free to converse with my webiste experts [worldside service] at Gain Digital. Go to that link, and they can come up with something for you.

  18. Most people are accepted, and it costs you nothing to find out by going to the site. I would recommend only buying what you can pay off very quickly, then repeating the process. Later, when you get a [general] credit card, do the same. I never run a balance on mine and avoid the interest. If I can’t afford something, I don’t buy it.

  19. there is no scam. We tried calling their number from the office and got through with no problem. Their email support address works fine from my computer. Maybe your phone service is odd.

  20. the newsletters list things on the website, usually, but you get them faster. Give it a try– we do not spam,share your information, and you can opt out at any time.

  21. Just be careful with it and pay off quickly

  22. You need to click on the post.

  23. You are mistaken, Jack. Your credit score, however it is generated, makes a large difference in many facets of your life (too much, I think). If you ignore it, your life will be less pleasant.

  24. Each situation is different. Even at £100, you would have the chance to build some credit, allowing you to apply elsewhere if you wanted to.

  25. It worked ok for me, using this link.

  26. This could happen with any credit card, not just Argos. I never charge more than I can afford to pay off at the end of the month. You might talk to a debt specialist or someone where you might qualify for a consolidation loan/card where you could pay less interest.

  27. I don’t know how fast the delivery is. It shouldn’t take long.

  28. I am glad it’s working for you. But it will take a while for the score to change; it’s a slow process. But hang in there and keep the payments up. Good luck.

  29. There can be limits. Even if fibre is available, each company has their own restrictions which could be based upon location, distance from towers, number of customers online in the area, cost, your computer, type of modem/router, etc. You need to shop around. Also research how much speed you actually need. People who do not stream movies or do online gaming do not need as much speed, for example. Speed and broadband restrictions can also be pertinent to those who don’t have fibre access, as well.

  30. Placing pictures into a pdf file is cumbersome and adds a lot of bytes to the file. That could make it difficult and/or time-consuming for some people, especially with mobiles, to download it. Thanks for the input.

  31. I don’t entirely agree with your last statement. Credit cards can be very useful tools when used correctly. But, like matches, they have to be handled carefully.

  32. I will pray that things get better for you, and I’m glad this was able to help.

  33. I am glad it worked for you. Best of luck.

  34. Some will. BT Mobile is pretty particular. I am not sure about O2 or EE. Credit4Everyone advertises “no credit ok”, so you might try them: click here. You may have to shop around.

  35. Glad to hear it. And I post a new one twice a month.

  36. Most of the sites I know of print 10 in one day, but only once a week. We have over 100 freebies listed, and add one or two each day. At the same time, we try weeding out the older and expired ones for your convenience.

  37. With your attitude about women, probably not

  38. With high interest cards, you always want to pay off the entire balance each month. Thanks for the input.

  39. This is not a ripoff but it could hurt you if you misuse it (see my other comment). If a person gets one, only charge a few pounds at first, then pay it off. Continue that for a few months, and they will raise your limit. After a while, you might even be able to use this experience to get a ‘fancier’ card. But if a person cannot resist buying things they can’t afford, then credit cards are not a good idea (that doesn not make them evil).

  40. All gambling, online or otherwise, keeps the odds with the house. There are a few winners and lots of losers. I thought everyone knew that.

  41. Amost all the recipes we have are in English measurements. However, I included a quick conversion list at the start of the post which you can use.

  42. It would probably work with other meats– you’ll just have to try it. Let me know if you liked it.

  43. We dropped Easy Living some time ago. Which company did you deal with?

  44. I try to avoid buying the kits (for my kid). He has the large buckets of loose Legos from which he can invent his own creations.

  45. good luck

  46. For advertising, please use the submission forms available on the Home Page

  47. It was good to hear from you, Tony. We do not advertise in the comments sections. Please submit your request through the “submit freebie” venue found on the home page. For paid advertising, you can always use the “Contact us” options.

  48. Writing novels for a living is difficult anytime. I’d suggest looking into some type of journalism or teaching, first.

  49. I don’t believe that Ace offers credit, but I could be wrong. You should be able to find out by browsing the site, without making any commitment. We do have other credit catalog offers, though.

  50. By the way, we do not permit advertising through this Comments blog, which is for information only.

  51. You may submit a freebie ad through our system (on the home page). If approved, we run it for ten days (without obligation) and track the response for you. Then if you wish to do more, or fancier, we can discuss terms.

  52. You can always click on the Freebies or Free Samples tabs in the home page to view only free things. Likewise, you can also select Competitions or [for others, of course] the Deals tab. We like to provide many options for all our wonderful customers.

  53. I never found a good voucher for Clark, but in July we plan to offer a couple children’s stores for back-to-school. They would have some shoe discounts.

  54. what is a doobie turd?

  55. Last year, when we made the site mobile-friendly, there were some issues with older versions of Explorer. It can be fixed, but I’m not sure what they did (through WordPress).

  56. We are not associated with the bulb people. You need to contact them. As far as I can discern from comments and personal experience you will never receive anything but spam. I would advise your cancelling the payment on your credit card/paypal, but that is up to you.

  57. Most of Amazon’s free books are for Kindle, but you might try this link to see if you can find something.

  58. After 10 days or so, I changed it. However, here is the meatloaf link. Thanks for the interest. If many people are interested, I could make a post which contains ‘old’ recipes.

  59. I post what I can find. Lateley, there have not been a lot of printable coupons available.

  60. I found an offer which you might like for tennis balls and such.

  61. Wow. This is quite a comment, Alex. Thanks for the input.

  62. Thank you, Solomon, for the words. Mr. Goodwilly may have found another site or two which he thinks does things better than we do: I would enjoy his providing the names so I could check them out. We are always looking at ways to improve and are not so vain that we believe someone else couldn’t think of something we missed.

  63. Maximum credit score is 850. Anything from about 760 and up is considered excellent.

  64. I don’t know of any site that provides 10 new freebies a day, as well as deleting expired ones. Very few even update one or two each day. But if you find one, by all means use it.

  65. I’ll vary the recipes each time, to include many different things.

  66. We can’t do that at this time. PDF is the most common format to be able to print.

  67. Different vendors have different offers.

  68. I publish all reviews, good or bad, as long as they do not include spam, profanity, etc. Even today, there were a few posted.

  69. We have several offers on the site to win free holidays and such. Those ones you mention all have strings attached and may or may not be good deals for everyone.

  70. This is a bit odd, but in your shoes, I’d pass as well. Try a different provider.

  71. Here is a link for O2 with free sims. Or you can go to our post to see the whole lineup of recommended mobile suppliers.

  72. In truth, some things can only be purchased and are not given out freely. However we try to find reasonable prices in those cases, so everyone has an option.

  73. Generally, I don’t use a microwave for meat cooking. Or much cooking at all, for that matter, just reheating and specialty things like scalding milk.

  74. Thank you for the comment. There are hundreds of recipes for meatloaf, and it is easy to add your own variations. I had just wanted to post one which could be made without an oven, for convenience.

  75. Sorry to hear you didn’t like it. Crushed crackers, rather than bread, do give it a little better texture. And I usually spice things up more than recipes call for. Meatoaf made with a sausage mixture and baked low for 90 minutes in the oven will come out better; I was aiming for the quick convenience this one offered (for cooks with less time or no oven).

  76. Thank you, Dennis, for pointing this out. There was indeed a glitch, which is now fixed, I think. I put the link here, for your convenience.

  77. I don’t know what the caleries are for this, but a person could calculate them manually. This particular recipe was submitted to a local cookbook in 1905 so it did not include things like that. Your doctor would have to answer questions about a particual diet like celiac.

  78. People who are concerned about what their family eats and their health do a lot of cooking. At our house, we use almost no packaged or prepared foods. While I may offer some recipes using canned goods (because most people use them), fresh vegatables and such can always be substituted.

  79. All cooked meats should be refrigerated after the meal. This one should last a couple days that way. I like meatloaf sandwiches for lunch the next day.

  80. We don’t have any right now, but remember that rentals are really only effective for a short period of time. For extended use, you are far better off to buy the thing.

  81. Pricing is controlled by the coach company, but you never know.

  82. I am sorry to hear you had a sad experience– this is the first negative comment they’ve gotten here. I would suggest you write them a letter with your concerns and see what happens.

  83. Personally, I wouldn’t want to eat meatloaf everyday, but once in awhile, it works well, especially with mashed potatoes. At least this recipe is fast and can be made on a stovetop or while camping.

  84. nice tip!

  85. Thank you for the thoughtful write-up, Kelly. I especially agree with your last sentence– that is the key to any credit card. There is also a definite advantage to staying with a bank you like— after a while, they do treat you better as a “preferred customer”. On the other hand, when a bank treats you poorly, drop them like a rash. There is too much competition to accept shabby customer service from anyone.

  86. I guess so. No one ever had a problem before that I know of.

  87. You tell them, of course

  88. This is not a penny auction, but BidGrid might meet your needs.

  89. We have had them before, but I am a little leary of the penny auctions. Some are ok, but there were some ripoff ones, too.

  90. We do have an aucion site, BidGrid, which is pretty reputable; it is not really a penney action, though. You can get good prices on stuff, but not necessarily cheap.

  91. The hosting at webloghits, while cheap, is really quite efficient. Plus, they offer other website services which could help you. Remember to use the voucher code LANDO2016.

  92. I’m sorry you had a bad experience. It goes to show that one should never wait until the last minute to order things online. Recently, for example, I ordered two things separately from the same source– one arrived in two days, while the other has yet to arrive after two weeks (but I hadn’t paid for express delivery, either). It is also good practice to use credit cards for ordering because you have another agency to complain to. Paypal also is useful, but not as quick. I do not like using a debit or gift card to order things as you have no umbrella at all.

  93. There is a “contact us” link at the top of the homepage. If you send a commercial, the spam filter might catch it.

  94. We have quite a few London offers already, but I am always looking for more/better offers.

  95. I can only post what companies offer.

  96. Our newsletter only goes out once or twice a week, and we do not ‘lend’ out people’s email addresses. However, some of the vendors who offer freebies will send more. I would advise anyone to have a separate email address to use for internet shopping and such, keeping their personal site private to select friends and family. That would apply to any sites you order from, not just us.

  97. Of course you can sign up for our newsletter, but it’s optional.

  98. I know they have the 12-month rule, but I’m not sure when that date starts. I guess you will just have to try and find out.

  99. Most of the dates on store products are for the store’s convenience, not yours. Canned goods, especially, can last for many years (unless dented). Package goods are usually good for a year or two after the date. Not so much for uncanned dairy or bread products.

  100. With summer approaching, the freebies might start appearing, as well

  101. no difference.

  102. All I could find right off were offers with free delivery [only].

  103. Here is a list of kindle books available for free. On-site, you can also shop around for paper books, if you like.

  104. You might check out the deals by clicking vodaphone.

  105. Sure. And for custom work, contact and tell them I sent you.

  106. I don’t know why the vendor would change things. I’ll pass on the query to Hotel Chocolat.

  107. While we have a few international freeibies, we don’t have an Australian page at this time

  108. Haven’t found any yet, but I’ll keep looking

  109. Not enough time is the problem

  110. I don’t think there are any. Some banks will work a deal where parents can get a card in their kid’s name. The problem is that the bank cannot take a minor to court if they don’t pay up.

  111. My mother placed in into my crib, I guess

  112. We have a group of folks like you who have been around for quite a while. You have made my day.

  113. I will look around

  114. We have a few. But you might like this one, where you get to taste new chocolate goodies every month– it starts with a free gift.

  115. We have a few offers for competitions. For online, we do have a free advertising offer. Also, if you need website hosting or assisance, try webloghits, whom I personally recommend.

  116. We have a few international or ‘worldwide’ offers (they are annotated). We’ll try to get a few more going. I ran a bunch of AU ads a couple years ago but did not get much response.

  117. We have an offer or two where you can try to win a computer. And some discount offers. I doubt you find a giveaway. I haven’t seen a curtain freebie (they are usually just sample bits and not enough for many windows). But I’ll look around.

  118. The offers start showing up before big games. I’ll keep my eyes open

  119. Well, you made my day

  120. I believe it is one small payment for all. You can have as many computers on it as you want for free.

  121. We’ll consider it

  122. It’s up to Uber

  123. Mostly through advertising and some of the not-so-free posts. It evens out, mostly

  124. Absolutely not. You need a doctor’s note for these. I certainly would not use any purchaced elsewhere.

  125. It worked so far, Toby

  126. You did not send the money to me, but to the vendor. Cancel the credit order.

  127. I can find some. In the past, they hadn’t proven that popular

  128. Just click on the button in the offer you like and follow the instructions

  129. not yet– too new, I guess

  130. A recent offer just expired, but I found a free coupon at Sainsburys for Coke Zero.

  131. I find it very useful because, for business, I have to link to so many other sites on a daily basis.

  132. no, but we will consider it. The biggest problem is that most restaurant freebies are limited to a small location or town.

  133. most people like it

  134. The feedback should likely go to them, although you are free to tell us how things went.

  135. India, I think. Unfortunately, sometimes we end up with a vendor who is not the greatest– when we find out, they are dropped; there is little else I can do. If it’s any consulation, my wife also ordered the [nonexistent] bulbs which never arrived. I would certainly advise that no one does business with the guy any more, and especially don’t send any money.

  136. we are adding these sorts of things all the time, as they are pretty popular

  137. All the passwords and logins you enter are listed in the database, which you can access at any time. You may delete or edit them at will. Or all of them, and remove LastPass from your system. On mine, I go through the list every 6 months or so and get rid of programs I no longer use. When you start a new membership somewhere, you will get a query asking you if you wish to add it to your Lastpass list– you can do it immediately, or later (or never). Your choice.

  138. Depends on the freebie. But what you say is correct for most of them. It is no different than a store coupon or a sale. Of course the vendors want– or hope– for something, otherwise why would they be giving it away?

  139. Haven’t found any freebie just now, but you can find great online deals here.

  140. You can find great deals at Thompson and Morgan. Good discounts and some freebies with purchase. High quality.

  141. We list them every so often. I’ll look around.

  142. Nothing is planned right now, but we do intend offering more international freebies this summer.

  143. Browse around the site. Joining our newsletter will give you the top offers by email (you can unsubsribe at any time, and we never spam or share user information).

  144. We hope to have it done in a week or so

  145. You can friend us at the facebook site

  146. All the bed sizes and prices are listed on the site. There should not be a hidden price increase

  147. Go to Webloghits for all your hosting needs. The hosting starts at $1 per month– and that’s full service. They also have other services available, including great SSL packages, at reasonable prices. Be sure to use the code LANDO2016 for a discount. Webloghits uses the same blog platform that Landoffreebies uses (I started out before Weblogits came out).

  148. We loved your request. My staff and I will work out a way to get going on that again– stay tuned!

  149. Webloghits can certainly help you getting your site mobile-freindly. Having contacted them, they are going to get back to me with the pricing, and I’ll let everyone know. Remember that their basic hosting is only £8 per year, and you can use the voucher code LANDO2016 to cut that in half.

  150. From our Homepage, you may always click on “freebies” if that is all you wish to see. Or just “competitions” or “deals” or whatever.

  151. You are doing it now.

  152. This has been answered numerous times. The [alleged] bulb vendor did not send any.

  153. we do not have a video link

  154. This is often true. However, some tours have a limited number of seats or only offer a special deal for a few openings. In those cases, you could lose out on a sale ticket or be unable to get the day/time you want. It’s a gamble we all have to consider.

  155. All sites don’t offer the same promotions.

  156. They are not giving away anything. By signing up, you get the opportunity to win a free ticket after purchasing something. This is a DEAL and a paid COMPETITION. That doesn’t mean it isn’t a reasonable deal– the pricing may be better than for the London Zoo. I might run the ad, but not as a ‘freebie’.

  157. No, it is not a scam. First of all, a freebie cannot fit the definition of the word “scam”. Secondly, this offer has run for some time with over 45 people getting their freebie from this site alone. If you were dropped by them, you must have tried to do something contrary to their instructions, like trying to get more than one freebie in a given year, not meeting the age requirements, or something else. I am sorry it didn’t work for you.

  158. Thanks for the input– we’ll consider what you’ve said.

  159. The folks at Webloghits can help you get set up anyway you want. You can also get a [free] website analysis and [not free] website service/support at Gain Digital.

  160. As said in numerous other posts, the bulb supplier didn’t supply any. You can contact the vendor as we did, but it is not likely to do any good.

  161. You may select as many different freebies as you want. However, there is usually a limit on how many times you can order a single item with the same email and/or address.

  162. I don’t need another writer at this time.

  163. Oh yeah– Landoffreebies also provides advertising at reasonable rates.

  164. Congratulations. If you run a website, Webloghits can help with hosting, SSL and design services (use code LANDO16 for discount). You can get WordPress training as well, with an introductory free offer. I am looking into a business telephone service as well– is that something you’d be interested in?

  165. We have several music offers. You might especially like the Top 80s Download. For free music offers, we also had one from Amazon Music and one from Napster. Bear in mind, though, that Free downloads are often limited. Like everything else, if you want volume and quality, you may have to pay for it.

  166. Thank you for the review. I am considering whether to continue this ad or not.

  167. I have to admit that I haven’t won much myself– but some people do occasionally. (I might buy one cheap ticket a month).

  168. No, Richard no longer owns the site. But I can pass on your message.

  169. Please be specific. Give me a list of the 38 freebies you applied for, and when, that did not arrive. Maybe I can do something about it.

  170. Mr Taylor does not work for us. He was kind to give a thoughtful review. Do you have one to provide?

  171. Which train was this for? We have several listed, and they are all different companies.

  172. That is strange, even though Hertz is a US company. I’ll ask.

  173. It is not fair to say this is horrible. The offer is for one free eye exam, and you can get that.

  174. It worked fine from my Mac. Sometimes I find Firefox works better than my regular browser, so I switch back and forth. Firefox is free.

  175. It should be noted that Diane lives outside the UK, so many of our postings would, unfortunately, not apply.

  176. Anyone can unsubscribe at any time by clicking on one of two places in any newsletter we send. We’ll miss you.

  177. yes to both

  178. I’ll check around. In the meantime, maybe you could sneak a look at one of her other rings. Try it on your fingers (even part way) and you have the size! Then you could check it with a printable slip.

  179. I’m sorry you are disappointed. I will take exception to one comment you made: I fix everything I can when it is brought to my attention. Some things, I can’t do, such as improve somebody’s credit rating, or enter a person’s address to get something from a third-party vendor. As for interesting, that depends on what customers like you choose to say.

  180. not at this time

  181. Hi, Camp Mike. I don’t always agree with some comments, either, but will post them for others to look at in fairness.

  182. I post all I can find.

  183. Thanks for the review. But I must point out that Landoffreebies has nothing to do with the delivery times. We only try to keep our postings with reputable vendors (which helps).

  184. I have no idea. Since I use a Mac, I haven’t tried the advertised product (it got good Amazon ratings).

  185. The individual vendors set the rules, such as age. If I know them, I’ll print them. The same goes for expiration dates. We work every day trying to keep our offers as current as possible. Many freebies will “expire” without notice; to help prevent confusion, we normally delete freebies after 10 days (unless we have good reason not to).

  186. I am afraid that any “institution” offering a loan like you request would probably not meet our honesty in advertising standards.

  187. Not right now, but thanks for the query

  188. I spoke with the vendor, who admitted there was a glitch. They tell me it has now been fixed, if you want to try again. Let me know how it goes.

  189. I don’t blame you for being upset. I will contact the vendor and find out why their voucher code didn’t work.

  190. I contacted the vendor, and they told me this morning that the voucher issue had been fixed. Please try again– let me know if you still have trouble so I can take appropriate action.

  191. Send me an email and/or use the “freebie submission” option on the home page. While we do get some visitors from the USA, most of our offers are based in the UK. We are hoping to open up a US version of LofF this year. Our standard prices for advertising (not changed from last year) are:
    Guaranteed Inclusion (Subject to t&c) £10/ month
Banner Advertising (728×90) for 30 days £25
Inclusion in Newsletter (£20)
Full Page Advertisement Feature (£20)
All of the options above for 30 days £50
If you purchase 2 months of any option, you’ll get the third month FREE.

  192. I am sorry you had a bad experience at some point. It should be noted that these tickets were not purchased through Landoffreebies.

  193. Freebies for car parts are rare, but I’ll keep my eyes open. We do have a couple competitions going on for the chance to win a new one.

  194. I don’t know how the postal service works in your area. Can you have them delivered to your office or a friend’s perhaps?

  195. We are building the program. You may sign up now, but it may be a few days before you see anything.

  196. That offer expired. We’ll keep watch for more. In the meantime, browse around to see if there is something else you like.

  197. Thanks for the thumbs-up. Landoffreebies has been around for over ten years; this blog for a couple. Making something look easy, when it actually took a lot of effort and money, is the goal of most businesses.

  198. I am sorry to hear of your troubles. You might try Debt Navigator to see if they can help. Otherwise, consult with a certified accountant and/or solicitor. I cannot advise you in your decision (and you should be very careful about ‘advice’ you get from others in online chat groups). Good luck.

  199. It isn’t hard to save money, just not very profitable. In your place, I would speak to a bank about CD type deposits which cater to monthly deposits and a target amount/date. There are also some mutual funds which might fit your bill. In any case, even a regular [low paying] account is better than nothing as a place to hide some funds until you need them.

  200. You can find both on the linked site. I have one had one Samsonite (expensive) and two cheap knock-off brand suitcases for over 12 years– they all are doing fine. Naturally, you don’t want to go too cheap, but middle-range would probably work ok.

  201. Fine thank you

  202. I’m very happy for you

  203. I always use a separate email address for internet use and another for private messages. I would recommend that for anyone. Gmail, among others, allow you to have multiple addresses.

  204. the newsletter present highlights. We don’t have a separate update method, as such, although I post new things just about every day. You might want to tune in a couple times a week as the new things are usually listed first.

  205. You are not a bother; I appreciate your comment. They have gone off, maybe expired. I pulled the ad right away. Thanks

  206. I don’t know who you talked to, nor care. I advertised for the bulb guy, and that is all. No one provided me any personal information, so I couldn’t spread it out even if I’d wanted to. Threats are unbecoming, but I should add that if you make false claims, like saying I scam anyone, you could be liable to slander charges. On the other hand, I have done everything an advertiser can do to get the bulb guy to respond as he should. And, of course, we haven’t listed their ad in many months.

  207. What offer are you talking about?

  208. We don’t give out customer information to anyone.

  209. I hope you have some ketchup handy.

  210. It would be against the law for me to sign you up for things with other vendors. You will need to click on the freebie you want and follow the instructions (like everyone else). I deleted your home information as a courtesy.

  211. The razor folks have been very good about sending things, although it may take up to a month. Using the word “scam” untruthfully is a form of slander. Have you spoken to your solicitor about it?

  212. I’ll look at it. We may have gone past that one, since we already have a razor ad running.

  213. I have no control over how the bank does its business.

  214. They count the 12-month period by address, so if your wife got the freebie already, that is that. I don’t make the rules. It could be noted that this offer is one of the few which allows repeats at all, even with a one-year restriction.

  215. I hadn’t gotten a lot of response with software ads in the past. However, since you ask, I’ll see what I can find. Did you notice the WordPress training download I posted recently?

  216. I’m sorry that we cannot print offers in this blog. I’m glad you got the razor ok.

  217. The vendors have been somewhat stingy with them recently. I print what I can find.

  218. I have contacted this vendor about complaints and am trying to work it out for everyone. I don’t know if it will help, but I’ll keep everyone informed.

  219. The best thing for your credit is to buy something [you can afford] and pay it off quickly, then do it again. I don’t know if using more than one catalog is a good or bad thing. We do offer a different one at Yes Catalog if you decide that’s the way to go. I would venture to say that you also need to clear up any outstanding debts as well.

  220. We picked the picture at random because it was bright and cheery. Did you click on the link to find several pages of selections, in every price range? If you do, and still can’t find anything, let me know– I can link you to some very expensive stuff if you really want.

  221. We post what we find.

  222. As you notice, Landoffreebies is completely SSL compliant and insured. We are very careful with email addresses we receive, never sharing nor posting them. However, we post ads for almost 200 vendors. While we do the best we can in selecting them, we cannot legally vouch for each one.

  223. Click on the button and follow the instructions to get a calalog

  224. good advice. Mind you, some freebies are for a few free week’s of service or a free something only after you buy in– not a bad thing, necessarily; in that case, the credit card would be required. Just read all the particulars so you know what you are getting into.

  225. congratulations

  226. I can only list offers that the manufacturers/stores put out. I’ll keep my eye open, though.

  227. What offers, specifically, did you request and when? With several hundred listed, and most with different vendors, I can’t do much with a blanket statement.

  228. We have several hundred offers. Which one are you talking about?

  229. We don’t have any Coca Cola vouchers today, but they show up every month or so. Coke or Pepsi just need to get on the ball.

  230. Thank you for your comment. How long did it take for you to get your bulbs and what country are you in?

  231. Has anyone received their free bulbs from last year?

  232. Landoffreebies does not have bulbs, nor are we asking for donations. The vendor wants to advertise some more, but we are hesitant to do so unless they sort out their orders. I would not recommend sending any money for charity or any other reason before that is accomplished.

  233. that is what the blog is for

  234. one should

  235. there is no such thing as a 999 credit score

  236. You might try LendFair to see about various types of bank loans, including cars. Of course, you still need to qualify. We don’t have one just for mortgages right now.

  237. We don’t send personal messages on Facebook. If you are interested in advertising, use the Contact Us or Submit Freebie options (home page). We are listed in Facebook– all you have to do is ‘friend’ to follow (nothing fancy).

  238. We post all the pet/animal freebies and offers that we find.

  239. We get free posters from time to time. Of course, most freebies do have a finite life span. However, if you want to check out GB Posters, have a go. They are not a free site, but have a large collection of posters and such at discount prices.

  240. I have an excellent team to handle what I can’t.

  241. Hello, what is this about, then?

  242. Shouldn’t be a problem. It costs you nothing to find out.

  243. Many offers only have one-liners because of the space. More word, fewer posts to see. We try different things to see what goes. Many of the posts have “read more” options, where you can get more information if you want it; most people don’t look. Pictures are always a chore to get right. We continually monitor and alter them. Still, some are not going to show as well as others, especially if they are provided by the vendor. It can depend on what machine you are using to view them with. What money I make is a matter between me, God, and the government.

  244. Most freebies are limited to one each per customer. However, there is not limit to how many different ones you grab. Good hunting!

  245. I’ll ask the Techies about it.

  246. Congratulations. Just sign up for whatever freebies you like.

  247. Who did you give the information to? We are running almost 300 posts.

  248. these coins are not minted by the government

  249. The link worked ok for me. Once there, click on “free planning tools”. I believe this site is only good in the UK, though.

  250. Your welcome. Your address was deleted. If your intent was to order something, you need to press in on each of the ads to order.

  251. You need to press the button on the ad to get a freebie– I can’t order it for you (against the law).

  252. Having a separate section for individual want ads is something we can consider. (I deleted your phone number for security reasons– you should never publicly post information like that).

  253. Nothing wrong with that

  254. Advertising.

  255. We try to clean out the expired ones daily, so it is not correct to say that most of them are. We put in free samples and free stuff every day. Printable freebies are harder to find right now, but I like to feature them when one shows up. Remember, that I can’t invent freebies or offers, but I can only put up what companies feature.

  256. There are many more “categories” than that

  257. What have you applied for?

  258. I am sorry to hear that Active You does a lot of spamming. I’ll keep that in mind when I am searching. Most of our competitions are promoted by other companies.

  259. Apparently, the vendor does not always send out the same package to each person; I don’t know why.

  260. Unfortunately, a lot of people were unhappy with the bulb company, including my wife. I dropped their ad.

  261. Always on the lookout for baby stuff

  262. Some freebies are only available through email, but otherwise, you would get faster notice on some. Try the newsletter for a few weeks– you can always drop out if you don’t like it.

  263. Most of the crew were on holiday this week, and I had a computer glitch.

  264. We updated our site, of course, to be mobile-friendly. We have little to say about what the various vendors do, however. Most will likely get on board soon, just because the public wants it.

  265. We try to post one or two new things every day.

  266. I don’t understand why it is somehow my fault that you flubbed your appointment. In any case, did you try contacting the place where the appointment was scheduled?

  267. I don’t know why you are trying to publish your address and phone number.

  268. Do you have any idea what TV advertising costs?

  269. I just advertise and have nothing to do with the prices. Most of the freebies are featuring new or upgraded products. Offering freebies and specials are a way for the producers to get the word out. Naturally, they hope that you continue to buy the product after you enjoyed the freebie. Some stores do lower all the prices, but don’t have sales. That can work, but usually the products are not the latest and greatest. To each his own.

  270. We researched all sorts of displays. Eight per page is what you can see without scrolling [which many people find irritating]. About half of our viewers are using mobile devices as well, so we need to keep the screen content viable. So rest assured that any other option works less well.

  271. Thank you for the feedback. The razor should come, but sometimes takes a few weeks. On that note, only one is given out to a customer in a 12-month period– some have tried to get more, but it doesn’t work.

  272. Well, at least you got to try it without paying. I haven’t tried the new stuff myself (yet).

  273. The freebies, contests, and specials are real. Our newsletter brings you favoured freebies and such, many times faster than the regular posts. Some items featured in newsletters are only offered there and not to the general public. Many folks like the newsletters who don’t have time to browse often. BTW, we


    share email addresses with anyone, and you can unsubscribe anytime without a hassle.

  274. The comments were always there. We tried a different kind of posting, though, which did not encourage them. Getting back to ‘normal’ now. Glad to have you back.

  275. They are true enough. Of course the companies will try to get you buy something down the road or send advertising. Or you might need to supply a survey or whatever. Discounts for purchases are shown. The details are generally posted.

  276. No one knows what your background is. I have no idea why some mailings are different than others; you might contact the vendor to ask.

  277. Most sites are doing good to offer a few new ones per week, not to mention keeping expired ones going. We do try getting one or two quality offers daily, which is more than most do. If you found one that does ten per day, good for you.

  278. welcome

  279. You might want to try again– it is possible you got the email spelled wrong or something (I do that all the time). If it still doesn’t work, let me know.

  280. I’m glad it worked for you. You might also want to check out the Khan Academy— great website and completely free. We have used it for years.

  281. If I knew how to get money without working for it, do you think I’d be running websites? The surest way to obtaining money is by getting a job. We do have some offers where you can earn money through surveys or [possibly] win some in competitions– not a certain thing, but free to enter.

  282. We are not business partners.

  283. Odd. I went to the link and found 2 different trial offers, although you have to scroll down a little. I will check it further, though.

  284. Well there you go; no one would say anything on Facebook which wasn’t true.

  285. I wonder what site owner he is talking about– it certainly isn’t Landoffreebies. However, that doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

  286. Folks can find it by using “prepare” or “survive” in the search option. For your convenience, here is the link.

  287. I am not sending any bulbs; it is up to the vendor. My wife hasn’t received her bulbs yet, either. On the side, I would be very cautious about signing up for freebie Paypal cash deals from this or any other vendor. Landoffreebies does not endorse any such action.

  288. Actually, we ad things to Facebook every workday and most weekends. We have gone to a lot of effort in the last year to keep our website appealing and secure– thanks for noticing. Expect more favourable changes in the next few months.

  289. Apparently this vendor did not send many. We dropped the ad.

  290. Sure, feedback from all would be great. At Landoffreeies’ newsletters, we do not share or sell anyone’s email to anyone for any reason– you may also unsubscribe at any time. However, some vendors who are offering freebies and deals may; we have no control over that. Anyone experiencing a problem with a given offer is encouraged to contact me. I may not be able to solve it, but I can surely [and have] drop the ad. (I am precluded from participating in many of the freebies myself, so I must rely on your feedback to learn how companies are treating folks.)

  291. I couldn’t agree more. This offer may not fit everyone, but I hoped to provide more options for people to consider.

  292. Like any order on the internet, freebies can take anywhere from a few days to four weeks to arrive. Understandably, they generally will not use the fastest postal methods. For eye glasses, I have never seen an ad for free prescription glasses, but we sometimes have offers for discounted one– I’ll see if I can find something. We do have an offer for a free eye test you might try to get started.

  293. Thank you for the input. Just wondering– has anyone received the bulbs they ordered?

  294. I like the coupons, too, but sometimes they are hard to find

  295. Thanks for the kind words

  296. I’m not sure what you are referring to, but you are welcome to be here.

  297. Thank you for the detailed input. I don’t think the offer was a scam, but they certainly did perform as promised. (I didn’t get any bulbs either.) As you noticed, I’m sure, we stopped advertising for this vendor. Whatever the reasons for not sending their freebie, I only want to post things that work.

  298. You are incorrect. The site is updated every working day and most weekends. I have never knowingly printed a lie. You should verify your facts before saying untrue things.

  299. All comments are viewed for spam or inappropriate content. Sometime people will include personal information which needs to be erased for their security. I would still post a comment which was critical.

  300. Since folks like beer so much, I seldom find a freebie. I’ll look around, though

  301. You were right– couplez disappeared. If you would like, try this link for other jewellery options at a UK store. (I changed the post, too.)

  302. Thanks for telling me. I’ll look into it and get it fixed.

  303. I don’t know of any vouchers yet, but many start appearing around Easter. I’ll keep the site posted; I am sure you noticed we have several posts for discounted tickets and such.

  304. Thank you for your thoughtful comments. We promote many vendors; some are better than others. The only way I know, is through your comments (by rules, I can’t participate in my own freebies). I’ll keep an eye on Offer X from now on. I don’t have a lot of say in which offers become available at certain times, but I almost always post pet-related freebies whenever I find them as they are popular. I have also listed some discount pet supply offers (cheap but not free) at times, but they did not gender much interest.

  305. I’m sorry you had difficulty– I’ll pass your comment onward to the vendor since this is a new offer. Besides having some nappie offers and the like, here are two other links you could try: aptaclub and baby package. Good luck and congratulations on your little one.

  306. I am glad that my survival list has been useful. I derived it from several sources, including what I built for myself. I also purchased the other items advertised for my personal use. I will check with my website folks about the Reader Tool.

  307. I will email you quickly. In the meantime, feel free to submit your idea on this website as a ‘freebie submission’.

  308. I wish you best of luck at school. Hopefully, you can drop in occasionally, but you are right to establish priorities.

  309. thanks for the kind words. Now that the Christmas season is over, we can move back to our usual mix of offers which is heavier on freebies. The adverts, however, pay for the site. If you have suggestions on how I can feed my family without them, let me know.

  310. Congratulations on your neat gift. You don’t have to sign up to grab any of the freebies or offers on the site– just click on the picture and follow instructions. If you wish to get our newsletter to see specials and new freebies every few days, sign up on the home page– no spam and you can opt out at any time. While I am not allowed to just send you something, feel free to wander through the freebies, competitions, and great deals to find things you like. We update the site everyday with new offers (many are short-lived). For your Kindle, here is a cute free app you might like. To get you going, we also will post today some offers for hundreds of kindle books and an intense Owners Manual for new Kindlers. Good searching!

  311. Happy Birthday, Helen. I wish I were 49 again!?

  312. I could not find a fee on the site. However, this is a prepaid debit card– if you want to spend £1000, you have to deposit £1000 (plus you would get some cash back with the voucher code). If there is some other fee they try to charge, give me the specifics. If you were looking for a credit card, try one of these offers: Yes credit card or Credit4you.

  313. Aware of what?

  314. You are incorrect. ALL sites do not store personal information. The only information Landoffreebies stores are the email addresses of people who join our newsletter. Your email, having posted a comment, is stored for a short while. Those addresses are never shared or given out, including to ‘officials’ without an appropriate court order (that’s never happened). If, however, you share information with one of the third-party vendors or have inadequate filters on your computer, I have no control over that.

  315. We do not share details with anybody. Besides, the last time I checked, the FBI worked in the USA.

  316. We have an offer from American Express which features pre-existing medical conditions plus 20% off for new customers. I provided the link for you, above.

  317. I’ll look around

  318. I will send you a note (but I deleted your private email address in the message). However, anyone can request advertising on the website through the ‘submit freebie’ selection or Advertising pull down.

  319. I will pass this on to my technical staff.

  320. I am a bit confused here. I linked to this one again using a Mac (Safari) and a PC (firefox). Both times, the site came up with no trouble. Try clicking here, and/or use a different device or browser.

  321. Thank you for bringing this to my attention; I’ll change it. I do what I can with the images and check them often on the PC. However, I cannot realistically review each on a variety of mobile devices (we do check some). In the end, I often need to rely on observant folks like you to keep us informed.

  322. That is not exactly true. We often get some ‘first-timers’. We also try to limit our offerings to sites which are relevant to our viewing audience, not to mention legal, honest, etc. However, there are only so many vendors out there offering freebies, so other sites like ours are bound to use some of the same ones. As much as I’d like to, I can’t invent them out of thin air.

  323. My boy enjoys the monthly magazine. Today, on our homepage, we show 18 freebies out of 21. How many more do you want?

  324. I hadn’t thought of this, but you have a good point. I’ll get my team to look into it and see if we can come up with something. On a PC, it’s easy enough to bookmark the site, but mobiles present a different aspect.

  325. Thank you for the information. However, if you wish to advertise, you need to submit your request via the homepage, not as a comment.

  326. Since you newsletter is an email, you can forward it to whomever you wish. Anyone wanting to receive the newsletters, may simply log on and apply– it only takes a few seconds. As we are mobile-friendly, the letters can be read from anywhere.

  327. As I understand it, the vendor will ship the bulbs for Fall planting. There’s not much point in doing so earlier. Please be patient.

  328. No telling. I can only grab the offers that companies make. However, I will keep my eyes open for clothing freebies.

  329. good luck

  330. We tried having different delivery options in the past, and we got very little response. We may try it again in the future.

  331. Thank you. We do offer things besides freebies, of course, but try to label everything correctly so folks can view just what they want. You can also use the search buttons to narrow the field down even more.

  332. Sometimes it’s hard to find appropriate freebies in certain categories, but generally, there are plenty out there.

  333. IF you want more detailed information about my site’s features and what could be done to enhance yours, check out Gain Digital. You won’t regret it.

  334. The newsletter is always free

  335. Here are two offers we are running: mastercard and loans and visa card.

  336. The emails are chock full of freebies for you to use. There are some posts on the Website which involve cash– take a look.

  337. I list the expiry date when I know it and remove posts that I know expired. In any case, most freebie ads are removed after two weeks. Many freebies are based on a given number of applications; once they are used, the offer is closed. If one expires on you, please let me know in the “contact us” page, and I’ll see that it is removed ASAP. Many times, that is the only way I hear of it.

  338. Thank you for the thoughts. Aber, habe ich nur ein bischen deutsch. Vieleicht später.

  339. I haven’t posted many Mac computers since they are generally more pricey. Not that I don’t like them– I have two myself, plus an iPad2, and highly recommend them. I found a couple for you to look at, if you’re inclined on this link. Good luck.

  340. Thank you for the kind words. We try to present offers for various age groups (and other demographics). Being not so young myself, as well as having parents to look out for, senior citizens are never far from my view.

  341. By all means subscribe. However, we do not allow advertising on this venue (against Google rules among other things). You may submit your website for a freebie submission.

  342. Yes, among other things. SSL label (and the ‘s’ in https:) shows that security measures are in place on the website and indicates we have insurance. It is always advisable to use websites that have SSL for your protection. Anyone with a website who want to know how to get SSL protection, can try Additionally, for members of our subscriber list, we NEVER share or give out anyone’s email information, and you can unsubscribe whenever you wish. I don’t like spammers any more than you do.

  343. Free music and good music are both wonderful, but very hard to get both at the same time. I try.

  344. thanks for the idea– we’ll consider it

  345. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter, too, for up-to-date freebies and offers

  346. We do what we can. But I try to only post decent ones; many of those I find do not meet our standards (or yours).

  347. Welcome aboard!

  348. Most email newsletters feature four offers, but some may have a special promotion for a single super deal. We continuously try improving the formats, to see what customers like (so your comments are welcome and considered).

  349. Remember that any tablet or iPad is made for mobile and entertainment purpose– they were never intended to replace a full-sized computer or even laptop, any more than a sports car can replicate a bus or lorry. They are great tools for what they were intended.

  350. maybe later

  351. With very few exceptions, all the promotions shown in the emails can be found on the website. although some might be delayed a few days to allow the email subscribers an advance notice. Use the search engine to find the offer by name. You could also sign up to receive the emails (which you haven’t yet).

  352. glad you like them– we try to please

  353. It was custom made by Gain Digital. I am sure they could do something for you, as well.

  354. It often takes 3-4 weeks for something to arrive. And be sure you always fill out whatever is required; sometimes people leave off something which negates the submission. Also, be sure to note which are straight freebies and which include a contest or survey. I try to identify them appropriately, but sometimes it is less than clear from the ad.

  355. Amend my website? We have a blog page already, although I am not sure that’s what you are asking for?

  356. I haven’t seen any for a few weeks, but I’ll keep my eyes open.

  357. Thank you for the kind words. I never share folks’ information with anyone and try treating each one of you like I’d like to be treated.

  358. Excellent response. I hope this site gave you some ideas, but you certainly want to look around before making a final decision. Not every plan is right for everyone.

  359. we try

  360. We send out freebies and special competitions and offers twice a week. The short newsletters usually include four offers for you to review (quickly). The majority of our subscribers open and read the emails. The easiest thing for you to do is sign up and try out a couple. If you don’t care for the content, opting out is very simple and quick. We are fully SSL certified for security, and I never share your information with anyone else for any reason.

  361. I guess you didn’t check it very well, since even the address, starting with https indicates we are fully SSL certified. We have been completely mobile-friendly for half a year. Since you don’t understand what those things mean, for a reasonable amount of money, I can arrange the training for you. Let me know if you are interested, and we’ll discuss the costs.

  362. I use WordPress. You can get plugins to help with the hacking. I really don’t know much about the other platforms available– maybe some other folks can help out. Your host may be able to help as well– or you can try

  363. Jon is still here. I just thought that using a name like “Freebie Star” had more sight appeal.

  364. We reinvented ourselves. This site will primarily advertise freebies, with a few money-saving deals and competitions thrown in. I hope it works for you.

  365. We’ll be here– good luck on your new service

  366. Always answer questions, be honest and courteous. At the same time, do not accept abuse: I always delete any which contain profanity, bigotry, or just plain ugly. I got professional assistance for the technical end of things. That’s not mandatory, but it’s a good idea, at least to start out.

  367. Some of the posts include apps now. We have gone to great lengths to make the website safe and mobile-friendly. A separate app for the homepage is an idea we can discuss but no timetable is available yet.

  368. The analysis is free and you can get two financial calculators.

  369. You’re welcome

  370. Thank you– we just redid the whole thing and hope folks will enjoy it.

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