Chocolate Tasting Adventure

Each month 100,000 Hotel Chocalat members come home to an exciting new selection. Try today for just £9.95 and get a FREE gift. Plus you can cancel any time.   They have a wide choice of plans and chocolates to choose from.    And you get to help determine what chocolates are included in future packages by taste-testing.

This makes a wonderful gift idea; you can purchase more than one membership.  Remember that Christmas  is fast approaching.

Yummy Chocolate
  1. sterling chocolates, delicious and all the better received in the post. Chance to try all sorts of exotic flavours and if you get the chance, order a slab of chocolate, sexy isn’t the word!

  2. I have to admit I am slightly partial to a bit of chocolate from time to time, these exotic flavours can also add real umph to the flavour. My favourite is a pineapple centre or a truffle.

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