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The Argos Store card offers a chance to buy yourself some time with a representative 29.9% APR available.   It costs nothing to apply.
Do you know what you’re going to get your special someone? No need to panic. We’ve got a beautiful range of gifts and ideas to help you find something they’ll treasure forever.
Spring’s not so far away, so it’s a good time to start thinking about giving your home a refresh. If you’re sitting on your sofa thinking ‘this isn’t as comfy as it used to be’ or ‘that rug is looking a bit tired’ then go check out our new home furnishings. Although that old rug would look a lot better if you ran a good vacuum cleaner over it. We’ve got a nice range of Dyson vacuums. And you could try a sofa bed so your mates don’t have to sleep on the floor when stay round. Treat them to some nice bedding too or else they won’t come over next time.
If all that sounds like a lot of work, why not chill out instead (who’d blame you)? You could get yourself a PS4 or Xbox One and game the night away. And gaming looks really good on a new TV. How about a 4K TV – they’re awesome. If gaming’s not your thing, enjoy a world of exciting entertainment with a Chromecast or a shiny new tablet, like the iPad Air 2. But if you could do with burning off some of those post-Christmas calories, a Fitbit is definitely the way to go. We’ve got it all at Argos and we can get it to you quick with Fast Track Same Day Delivery or Fast Track In-Store Collection.

For buy now – pay later plans, if you don’t pay in full by the plan end date, or keep your account up to day, you’ll be charged interest on the daily balance from the date of purchase.   T&Cs apply.

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  1. Thanks to my father who told me concerning this blog, this web site is actually awesome.

  2. You will note that Argoscard DO NOT provide an Email address on their contact info. I stupidly called the number provided to resolve an issue. – it wiped out all the credit on my phone. Only after did I discover it is a PREMIUM rate number. After a lot of trouble to get their Email address (, I Emailed them to resolve the issue. I got a really stupid reply from ARGOS saying that Argoscard is another part of the business & redirecting me straight back to the premium rate number – yet the Email address quite clearly says MyArgoscard. SO IT IS QUITE CLEARLY A SCAM. After this liberty, i’m done with them.

    • there is no scam. We tried calling their number from the office and got through with no problem. Their email support address works fine from my computer. Maybe your phone service is odd.

  3. This is helping me rebuild my credit and is helping turn my life around after 10 years of no credit ! I’d recommend to anyone who’s looking to rebuild their credit score!

  4. Great card, I have actually had my card for 12 months now, I use the buy now pay later options, it’s helped build my credit rating and I have had many offers from them. Recommended

  5. How often do the give credit limit increases, I started on £100 and still have £100

    • Argos are not very generous or fast with Credit Limits, I have had my card for 4 years, Started on £200 now my limit is £260, it’s handy for the 3 months interest free credit, but make sure you pay it within the 3 months, or the interest gets back dated.

    • Each situation is different. Even at £100, you would have the chance to build some credit, allowing you to apply elsewhere if you wanted to.

  6. avoid at all cost folks….i have own £1440 to argos for 2 years now even though i havent used my card for 2 years…they charge me £56.00 per month interest so the amount i owe never comes down…they do that so you cant clear the funds you owe on your card….if you are on a low income like me please think twice about getting a argos card because boy ive learned my lesson with the darn thing!

    • This could happen with any credit card, not just Argos. I never charge more than I can afford to pay off at the end of the month. You might talk to a debt specialist or someone where you might qualify for a consolidation loan/card where you could pay less interest.

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