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The Azurina Story
Forever Essentials.

Beautiful. Bespoke. Collectable. Customised.

A brand born, basically, from a coupla’ fashion girls’ real life need for quality leather accessories that are all at once dreamy, timeless, cool-girl covetable, unique and affordable. A simple search for a go-with-everything-but-actually-functional-but-totally-gorge-but-actually affordable (oh and personalised too) travel wallet to take away on press trips was so real, and let’s face it, hopeless, that it got us thinking. What pieces do we actually need but would equally love to use in every aspect of our crazy busy lives, but cannot for the life of us find? what essentials would make up our dream lifestyle accessory edit, if we could design them right now? And how could we guarantee that we wouldn’t see anyone else with them? That they’d be ours, one of a kind. Hello Azurina. Perfectly seasonless, personalisable pieces that aren’t solely influenced by passing trends, but real, fabulous women. Designs in divine palettes you can mix, match, and monogram, that sit in and amongst your cherished designer babies, and slip seamlessly from spring to winter, from home to meeting, to airport, to far-flung beach.
Your forever essentials. Basics, but beautifully branded. By you. For you.
Oh, and show us. It’s our most favourite thing. Wherever you are, fuel the wanderlust.

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