Great Gifts from Cadbury

Cadbury Gifts Direct – A wide range of great Cadbury products.   Features a ‘pick and mix’ section to create your own unique Cadbury hamper. These are especially good for  Valentine’s day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter and Christmas– but birthdays and anniversaries shouldn’t be overlooked! Site also features a personalised service, allowing you to add names and pictures to Dairy Milk and Milk Tray packaging.   And the nice thing is that you can ship straight to the person getting you the gift so you needn’t mess with the shipping.

For a short period, you can get 15% off your order with voucher code HAPPINESS.


Great Gifts

You may also wish to enter the contest to win a free Cadbury trip and other goodies.  Be one of 5 to receive a range of Cadbury’s favourites worth over £100! And a trip to Cadbury World! Come on— who doesn’t like chocolate (the 6th food group). Go now to enter this FREE competition and good luck!

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  1. This isn’t cadbury’s chocolate, it’s phone recyclers? WTF

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