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There are three options available for free 7-day trial. The services (and cost therefor) increase with each option. Choose the one which best fits your lifestyle and interest.  Read all to compare.  Good Luck!

With Main Meetings service, you’ll receive top tips from the best of the weekend’s racing. Sent direct to your email by the UK’s leading tipster. The weekend is different for everyone. You might be getting in at 5am or perhaps you’re getting up at 5am. Either way, one thing is true for all of us – a love of horse racing.
– That thrill you get when making the first bet if the day.
- The sense of freedom and anticipation that it brings.
That’s what the Main Meetings service is all about – reminding you why you fell in love with horse racing all those years ago.
It’s that feeling you get when chatting about the afternoon races with your mates in the pub. Safe in the knowledge that you’ve received privileged, insider information before placing your bets for the day.
Our years of experience and extensive list of contacts in the world of horse racing across the UK, means we know a thing or two about picking winners.

Main Meetings Trial

How does the Elite Bets service work
This isn’t a scheduled service. In other words, we can’t promise a bet every Tuesday for the 2.50. That’s because we never know when an opportunity is going to present itself. But when it becomes clear that a horse has more than a great chance of winning its race, our members are always the first to know.

Quality is what’s needed
Members can expect between 8-12 high quality tips every month. It works out around two to four bets per week.
However, we’ll only advise a bet when we’ve thoroughly researched the horse and its opponents. Only after we’ve analysed the race and the conditions, and have our detailed analysis supported by information from our contacts inside the stables. Put simply, we only advise a bet when we’re as confident as we can be that the horse will be in the winners’ enclosure.
When everything points to a horse having a great chance of landing a gamble, you’ll receive an email and SMS. We’ll tell you the name of the horse, the time, the meeting and the current odds.

Elite bets in a nutshell
• 8-12 high-quality bets every month.
• Tips delivered by SMS and email.
• A detailed summary of the race via email.
• A free 7 day trial.
• Pay as you go monthly membership.
• The ability to cancel anytime, no questions asked.

Elite Bets Trial

Our Platinum Bets service isn’t for everyone. We welcome applications, but unfortunately we can’t guarantee you’ll be accepted. This isn’t some cheap marketing hype, or some exclusive club which is open to anyone who can pay.
The bottom line is we really can only accommodate a small number of Platinum Bets members. The reason is very simple – time. Or rather lack of it.
This is a personalized, one-to-one service. Luke will call you personally when there’s a bet to talk through the information we have and why we expect the horse to win, and why we recommend you joining us in placing a maximum bet. But he can only ring so many people in a day.
As part of the platinum service, Luke also welcomes calls from you. If you’re accepted as a Platinum member, you’ll be given Luke’s personal mobile number, which you can call him on any time before 10pm. Luke loves the sport. He’s passionate about it and loves nothing more than talking about horse racing with fellow enthusiasts.

Platinum Bets Trial

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