Prepare for the Worst

Your family’s survival and welfare in any emergency should be your primary concern. Without trying to be depressing, there are any number of nasty things which could come at you. Sure, there is always a chance of a huge environmental disaster, a financial melt-down, EMP, world war 3, or whatever. It helps to have some ideas in mind about those, a more likely scenario would include severe weather problems, flooding, fire, or chemical spill to mention a few. Being prepared for that is relatively easy.

In a short-term disaster problem, you could well be evacuated out of your home. The first step in survival preparedness is downloading the free ‘bug-out’ list and use it. The list is my best ideas for stocking up enough supplies for your family to get along with for three days outside your home. I have one packed and ready at all times. You will, of course, modify the list to your specific needs. It needs to be easily transportable so you could pack your car with people and stuff within ten minutes and be on your way. Practice it. You also want to have a plan(s) on where to go and how to get out of the town you’re in. Expect major highways to be blocked.  Include plans for getting family members from work or school.

Bug Out Bag

For the long term, in case an event lasts some time, you will likely have to stay in your home yet be able to hang on for at least 40 days without outside assistance. Expect interrupted services in power, water, sewer, food supplies, medical care, fuel, and so forth. Plan on no help from the government. This will give you time to assess the situation and decide what to do next. I have included some links you can use to help in your planning and preparation. It helps to get together with some others, including some neighbors, to determine who you could rely upon for mutual aid. Having said that, be cautious about how much information you give out concerning your supplies.

Remember the Rule of Three: in a pinch, an adult can survive 3 minutes without air, 3 hours without heat, 3 days without water, and 3 weeks without food.

A good source for supplies for your bugout bag or home stocking can be found here.

Prepper Supplies

For the long term, find out about Urban Survival from this great source.

Survive at Home

It never hurts to have training and ideas for self defense, especially without weapons.   Let Tim show you how.

Self Defense

While we all hope and pray for the Best,  you should nonetheless prepare for the Worst.   Don’t find yourself sitting next to this little girl, with no plan, no help and no hope.


  1. It’s great to find sonmeoe so on the ball. what do you recommend for a good long life light?

  2. Hey, in this dangerous world anything that can bring some kind of planning is essential. Most may seem like common sense, but the important thing to remember here is do it wrong and you won’t get a second chance.

    Thank you, I have not only downloaded a copy I have printed a copy and I will review our Families plans.

    I also love the new look newsletter, it’s so much easier to read on my Samsung mobile, the other version used to squash the images in. Great improvement

    Finally, one thing, could I ask one very small tiny favour please?
    On your website when using a mobile phone we used to get a reader tool, can you bring it back? my 4g is expensive

    • I am glad that my survival list has been useful. I derived it from several sources, including what I built for myself. I also purchased the other items advertised for my personal use. I will check with my website folks about the Reader Tool.

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