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Britannia Hotels is the leading privately owned hotel group in the UK, operating nationwide with 52 hotels.
Location is the key to our success, our hotels can be found in prime cities throughout the UK, as well as near major airports, in seaside resorts or surrounded by stunning countryside. Our aim is to provide extremely good value for money at a time when it has become an increasingly important factor to companies and individuals when making buying decisions. Britannia not only offers extremely competitive rates but also combines this with richness in décor and facilities such as a choice of restaurants, health clubs, nightclubs, bars and FREE Wireless Internet Access.

2225Find Hotel allows travelers to find and book the cheapest flights possible. With an extensive database of low-cost flights and traditional airlines, interactive map, and guaranteed arrival, the user experience skyrockets to another level!
In-house developed special algorithms create unique flight combinations, which are often the cheapest offers on the market. Exceptionally true for long-haul flights. We are the pioneers in virtual interlining and our achievements prove it:
• 1,8 Million+ customers served in 2015
• 20 Billion+ flight combinations calculated every hour
• 30% month-to-month growth in 2015
• 600 rockstars in the team + 50 currencies + 55 languages supported
Due to our success and rapid growth, has been featured by Business Insider, The New York Times, USA Today, Le Figaro and other top business magazines.
We are is simply changing the online air travel industry with your help!

6682Fly with Kiwi

Columbus Direct is the best known brand in the travel insurance market. We offer high quality travel insurance to meet all your travelers need.

col_banner_120x60 copyGet Insured

We tend to forget about the parking, don’t we.  Airparks are the UK market leader for airport parking, specialising in airport parking with sites across the UK. With an award-winning reputation, you can be confident you’ll receive the best prices, great availability with the best customer experience.
With an array exclusive money-saving add-ons and cancellation protection why go anywhere else? Customers can add a return greet to their parking booking book a platinum car wash, and come home to a sparkling car – very popular in our website. Add-ons are an excellent way of boosting commission even further.
The types of parking products you can find in Airparks portfolio include
Park & Ride
Self Park
Return Greet
Meet and Greet
Car washes
Airparks own car parks are located

airparksAirport Parking


Here are some nice travel hints to ponder (from Momondo):

We want to encourage you to explore new destinations, and to change how you travel by following our five ways of traveling:

1. Lower your guard – Traveling is about exposing yourself to something else, something different. Open your mind and put a leash on your judgement. And remember: you are just as different to others as they are to you.

2. Do talk to strangers – Not only the staff at your hotel. A stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet. And a quick question might turn into an inspirational conversation.

3. Say yes! Traveling is not just about destinations – it’s about what happens along the way. Yes is the magic word to new experiences. Yes, I’m lost. Yes, I’d love to dance. Yes, there’s room at this table .

4. Stay curious – Have courage to do something for the first time. Traveling is about crossing borders, including the ones you have put up for yourself.

5. Care to share! Facing the world with an open mind makes you a source of inspiration to others. Let friends and family see the beauty and friendliness of the world through your eyes.

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