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Credit 4 Everyone offers personal loans to customers with all types of credit status considered. We welcome those with previous credit problems. We do not offer Pay Day Loans or Loans with upfront fees.

We offer Personal Loans, Guarantor loans and Poor credit loans, and credit cards– free to apply.

This could be a great opportunity for many.   Just be careful not to over-extend yourself.

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  1. I have awful credit and substantial debts, lending wouldn’t really be open to someone to me, however, I still tried, I was able to get a small loan that will tide me over until the next benefit cheque. My wife had a stroke and I had to give up my job as a painter and decorater to be a full time Carer good loan companies will look at the situation not just the past. I managed to get a loan so give them a try

  2. Good morning freebie star. I wanted to drop you a note and explain my current situation. Due to an accident I have been unable to get a loan with any major lender, I fell behind with payments due to the drop in income and went from an excellent credit status to a poor status in just 3 months. I have tried lender after lender and all have hung me out to dry. When you have the means they all want to lend you money, when you actually need money they all run a mile. Anyway, after a couple of months in trying just to get a consolidation loan, I found this website. I applied for the £3000 I needed and was told I was accepted instantly. Not being too helpful as this has happened before and in previous experience I am later declined. However, I just received an email saying my loan was approved, logged in did the terms and conditions and my money arrived in my bank in real time. Now that’s what I call effective. I cannot thank you enough. If you ever need anything from me, do drop me an email. You don’t realise how much you have saved me from a Christmas of hell. I can now arrange my arrears to be paid off and have enough to survive whilst I wait for my accident compensation to arrive. Thank you. All my love Natasha

    • Sorry, you shouldn’t be allowed to borrow, get your debts under control, think carefully, live within your means. Banks/Credit Cards and Loans are for mugs.

      • I don’t entirely agree with your last statement. Credit cards can be very useful tools when used correctly. But, like matches, they have to be handled carefully.

    • I am sorry to hear about your situation but short term borrowing is not the answer. Get your debts under control by going to a debt management company.

    • I am glad it worked for you. Best of luck.

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