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Hello, Readers.   In response to multiple requests and comments, I have put together a commentary on how I handle my personal finances.   While I cannot advise anyone on what to do, I can note that I have no debts to speak of and have a credit score of 821.   Find out how I achieved that with this free no-obligation download.   Perhaps a little forethought will make your holidays and the coming year more peaceful for some of you.

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This is a company which could possibly help in serious situations.

Write off up to 85% off your debt. Find out how you can straighten out your finances and get back on the fast track. Watch your credit score climb. It’s free to check it out.

Since Debt Information Service wants to only deliver the finest personal service, they are only available on weekdays.   This way, you are assured of interaction with a human being.    Neat concept!

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