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Get a free quote and comparison for a new or used car loan through Credit4Everyone.   Even folks with less than sterling credit ratings are welcome; many find a workable deal.

Are you tired of having your neighbors park across the street to avoid being next to your clunker?  The solution is likely easier than you think– besides, it costs nothing to find out.  What are you waiting for?

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  1. I am sooo fed up with my car that keeps breaking down and wondering whether I should lease a car over 3 years or something instead, Any advice/ experience welcome. Looks like I could get a small car for @£125 a month- less than this wretched car is costing me in repairs.

    • For many years, I have purchased cars 3 to 5 years old. They are new enough to be reliable, yet much less expensive than a new one. The insurance and taxes are also a lot less. Many cars of this age also still include some warranty. If you really need it, you can now buy little fragrance goodies with “new car” smell, or put a piece of new carpet under the seat. Good luck.

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    Christopher Reason May 15, 2016 at 5:27 pm

    Oh Yeah, I miss the free magazine offers, any chance of 1 or two coming soon

  3. I know of the fact that right now thanks to the lovely help I received from Credit4everyone I have built up my credit rating in a matter of weeks, I started with car finance and a catalogue and within a few weeks was approved for my first credit card.

  4. I am in the market for a new car, but need to save some money for the deposit first. With interest rates at zero, it’s very hard to save money at the moment

    • It isn’t hard to save money, just not very profitable. In your place, I would speak to a bank about CD type deposits which cater to monthly deposits and a target amount/date. There are also some mutual funds which might fit your bill. In any case, even a regular [low paying] account is better than nothing as a place to hide some funds until you need them.

  5. I cannot thank you enough. I applied this morning, got a call back basically within an hour, despite bad credit, they have approved my finance and I have a much needed new car for my family. You are the bloody best John. Thanks pal.

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