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Welcome to Free Razor. Our website offers UK users totally FREE Razors. From Gillette & Wilkinson Sword. Follow three very easy steps. 23 models to choose from.  Relaunched in July and better than ever!

Free Razor offers customers the chance to claim a totally free Gillette Fusion, Gillette Venus or Gillette Fusion Pro Styler razor (women’s or men’s version). The customer needs to register, complete an offer and refer a friend, they then receive a totally free razor free of charge with free delivery.

Now– new models added.   With a different email address, you may qualify even if you already got one freebie.  Offer available in UK. Over 18’s only.

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Gillette Free Razor

Gillette is giving one of twenty-three Gillette or Wilkinson Sword razors to qualified applicants.

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  1. Morning all, how come the new Fusion Pro Glide with sensitive bars is not available on this website? Usually they offer the new razors right away, very dissapointed, was looking forward to trying it

  2. This is a scam and this will not arrive. The website is a harvesting website in return for the pretend razor you will get lot’s of spam and junk email

    • The razor folks have been very good about sending things, although it may take up to a month. Using the word “scam” untruthfully is a form of slander. Have you spoken to your solicitor about it?

  3. This looks too good to be true? If this comes I will eat my hat hahaah

  4. Thank you so much for this freebie, I can confirm I received my razor today, in it was a wonderful pack of free cartridges, aftershave balm and a great aftershave gift. Thank you so much John.


  5. I have heard so many great things about landoffreebies, i decided to give it a try. I started in October and I applied for the free razor, which I have to be honest, I didn’t feel would come.

    It did, arrived pretty quickly, I also got a free shaving gel with the product. I added my review below. hope it helps

  6. Wow thanks for this

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