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A whopping basket of goodies has been packed and is ready to be shipped to your door.   Grab this great Babies Products offer now, free and with no obligation.

Free Baby Stuff

Here is your opportunity to receive quality baby products without any cost.   You would only have to check them out and provide a critique to Product Testers.  And we’re talking real items here, not just a two-hour supply of nappies.   Besides getting some great stuff, as well as coupons and such, you will be providing a real service to other mums and dads by helping sort out the good things from poor.

So, what are you waiting for?   Get in on this wonderful chance to fill your nursery with nice things for free.   Babies are expensive and this will help.

Baby Things

And don’t forget the Nappies.   With this offer, you get a Jumbo box of nappies and you get to choose the size and  brand you like:  Pampers, Huggies, etc.   What could be better than that?


  1. hope this is right. wanted to send a big thanks out for the free baby box of stuff which arrived yesterday packed with lot’s of goodies. I believe it was called if anyone chooses to do it, it’s well worth it. my husband got a free razor from here a while back and he received some nice bonus freebies. this site rocks. thank you again

  2. Morning
    I just joined and didn’t have a single issue
    As the offer says its for product testing so as they get new baby offers we will get to try them for free
    No issues when I signed up and I managed to log in straight away. You may of entered the wrong picture code these are annoying but they apparently stop spammers Joning.
    Anyway be sure to unsubscribe from third parties these sites can send a lot of emails just be cAreful. I joined offer x once and they sent so much I had to unsubscribe. This site land freebies is ok u should try this one for now I am not a member as I am changing providers.

    Any dog freebies planned soon please ?

    • Thank you for your thoughtful comments. We promote many vendors; some are better than others. The only way I know, is through your comments (by rules, I can’t participate in my own freebies). I’ll keep an eye on Offer X from now on. I don’t have a lot of say in which offers become available at certain times, but I almost always post pet-related freebies whenever I find them as they are popular. I have also listed some discount pet supply offers (cheap but not free) at times, but they did not gender much interest.

  3. hello from Yorkshire, my name is Kim, I have now registered for this site and am a little lost if I am honest, I have received about 5 emails with the password and each time I attempt to login it tells me that I have to reset the password. Finally I logged in but this doesn’t provide you with baby samples to test straight away anyway, so it’s not a brilliant offer, do you have any recommendation for more baby free stuff? New mum loving this website

    • I’m sorry you had difficulty– I’ll pass your comment onward to the vendor since this is a new offer. Besides having some nappie offers and the like, here are two other links you could try: aptaclub and baby package. Good luck and congratulations on your little one.

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