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Take a stroll through this Charming blog website to find answers to many burning questions about women and for the men who love them.  Many of the blogs are also useful for women, especially those who want a look at the world from the “other side”, although some posts are directly informational to everyone.  Comments are welcome and encouraged for all to read, answer, disagree with and so forth. While dozens of subjects are freely addressed, here is but a sample of what you can find on this free website:

Things never to say on a date
How to improve your performance in bed [especially for men to read]
Top female health issues
Good carbs for weight loss
How to attract a woman
How to talk to a guy
and many, many more….

You can also find some interesting things to download, apply for and/or buy.   You can also find reviews of new and popular products and ideas.  There are no fees to access this site, nor is spam allowed. is available to anyone, worldwide. Some of the subject matter is really not appropriate for children, it is aimed at teenagers and adults of both sexes, presented in a tasteful manner (i.e: no porn or nasty language). This is not a dating site, although some of the material might be useful the next time you are on one (including dating your spouse). This website is freely endorsed by your friends at Landoffreebies.

So come on over and prepare to be charmed and/or learn better how to charm someone you love.

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