It’s Time for Gardening!

With Spring right around the corner, you need to get your plants, equipment, and supplies in order to make your garden something to be proud of this year.

Work with one of the UK’s leading mail order suppliers of quality gardening products, Thompson & Morgan. Established in 1855, our range now includes over 6,000 plants, bulbs, seeds, fruit, seed potatoes plus many more products. Endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society, the website also offers free guides and advice to help make your flower or vegetable garden one to be proud of. Free UK shipping available.

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With over 200 years of gardening knowledge and expertise, Suttons Seeds have built an enviable reputation for quality products which guarantees you get the most from your garden.
Whether you are looking to fill your greenhouse with plug plants, grow your own vegetables or create a spectacular bedding plant display, we have tried and tested our products to ensure quality for our customers.
Gardening is fun, relaxing and satisfying and we are dedicated to making sure you get the most out of your space. So whether you’ve been a professional gardener for years or have dreamt of growing and picking your own apple tree, we have the products and the know-how to make your task easier. Check out the weekly specials.

Seeds for you

Dobies, the keen gardener, are a long established company who only sell direct to home gardeners through our catalogues and website, offering real value for gardening enthusiasts. Choose from a full range of flower and vegetable seeds, bulbs, fruit, plus annual and perennial plug plants for pots, patios and all around the garden.
We’re building on our competitively priced, ‘no frills’ ethos with a new range of key products at down to earth prices! You’ll find them throughout the catalogue, including in our ‘Gardening Essentials’ – those items of equipment that no gardener should be without!
Dobies have been supplying flower and vegetable seeds direct to gardeners since 1880, starting in the Chester area, and for over fifty years now, to customers throughout the UK. An extensive range of products is featured in our main annual catalogue, which is sent free on request. In addition to seeds, we offer the largest range of young annual plants available by post, plus bulbs, fruit and garden equipment. Friends with, but not to be confused with Dobbies Garden Centre.
Dobies are proud to have been awarded the coveted “Best Buy” Seed Supplier by Which? Gardening with “an impressive 91% of seed producing healthy seedlings. Dobies catalogue and user friendly website include helpful plant raising advice and photos of most varieties.”

Keen Gardening

Check out all the latest models of lawn mowers, manual, electric, and motored. Brands include Bosch, Flymo, Hyundai, McCulloch and many more. Sale prices start at £29.99.  Once there, you can also search out other gardening and yard supplies at great prices.

Mowers & more

Support the RSPB charity by promoting the RSPB Online Shop the leading provider of quality bird food market with all profits re-invested to help save birds & wildlife. RSPB is a non-profit organisation that works & promotes the protection of birds and wildlife through public awareness, petitions and the running of nature reserves within the UK.
Offer: 15% off when you spend over £20
Start: 11th April 02017
End: 11th May 2017

1. Premium sunflower hearts bird seed 12.75kg
2. No-mess sunflower mix bird seed 12.75kg
3. Feeder mix extra bird food 12.75kg
4. Table mix bird seed 12.75kg
5. Buggy nibbles 3kg refill bag
6. Table mix extra bird seed 12.75kg
7. Favourites blend bird food 12.75 kg
8. Feeder mix bird food 12.75kg
9. Fruity nibbles 3kg refill bag
10. Super suet cakes x3 (variety)

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