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Approved Food are the largest online retailer of clearance food and drink as well as other consumer goods items. By shopping with us customers can saved typically 70% on RRP, which is a fantastic saving. A typical £16 basket saves around £38 on RRP, this is before postage costs. We currently have online 1600 product lines with is increasing.  Be assured of the best prices online or at the store.

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It may seem odd, but everyday people are saving over 50% on their shopping by using Approved Foods. FULL branded products like Coca Cola, Cadbury's, Heinz and such are available at a pure fraction of the price. Instead of throwing products away, they sell them to the Public so you can enjoy great products with a fraction of the price tag. Delivered to your home for you to enjoy. Check out the deals and offers today and see how much you can save

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    Hayley Summerfield May 18, 2016 at 8:20 pm

    It’s nearly impossible for people to realise this food is not moudly, old or un-edable. It’s simply new packaging or in fact usually a few days past a sell by date.

    Sell by dates are not gone off dates. Wonderful site, have used several times without ever eating moudly or gone off foods. Great offers too

    • Most of the dates on store products are for the store’s convenience, not yours. Canned goods, especially, can last for many years (unless dented). Package goods are usually good for a year or two after the date. Not so much for uncanned dairy or bread products.

  2. This site is excellent is it run by part of land of freebies what a genuine idea.

    Sell by dates are just that they are not gone off dates the food is fine to eat

    More just like this please in off shopping

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