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LastPass provides a unique service whereby your computer will remember all your internet passwords for you.  You only need to remember the one password when you log in to get all your internet browsing handled for you.   It is easy and very secure.   Once initiated, you can use it on all your computers as necessary.   It can even be used on multi-user machines (just be sure to log back out of Lastpass when you aren’t using it).  And more than one person can have it loaded on the same machine.

The basic service at LastPass is FREE.   Premium service with more options, such as smart phone use, costs $1.o0 per month (about 60p); there are other options as well.   Available WORLDWIDE

I have been using LastPass for over 4 years and can personally recommend it.   LastPass saves me an unbelievable amount of time and effort every day.   The only restriction I found is that I avoid it for my gmail accounts– having more than one would confuse the issue.  Once you get your password database going, you can go in anytime and review, delete, or edit the logins and passwords.  One must remember the LastPass password carefully, though– it cannot be retrieved.   LastPass does not keep your personal password anywhere.  That makes sense, actually, to maintain the highest level of security.

Free Password Reminder

  1. Wow, so if I buy premium can I use on all of my devices or do I need to pay for each

  2. This is a really great app. I use it on all my devices, PCs and laptops. So glad it’s available on landoffreebies, it’s the best password manager around!

  3. I have been using the. Last Pass app since I got my Kindle. It is well worth the small anual fee if you have a bad memory when it comes to passwords.

  4. It’s in fact very complex

    I need to know what happens if one decides to no longer use LastPass. Do I then get a list of the passwords I once used or what? You see my worries?

    • All the passwords and logins you enter are listed in the database, which you can access at any time. You may delete or edit them at will. Or all of them, and remove LastPass from your system. On mine, I go through the list every 6 months or so and get rid of programs I no longer use. When you start a new membership somewhere, you will get a query asking you if you wish to add it to your Lastpass list– you can do it immediately, or later (or never). Your choice.

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