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Free Electric Bed Trial in your home

Freshstart have a huge selection of adjustable beds and riser recliner chairs. They supply a variety of types and sizes of mechanisms to suit most people’s needs i.e. shorter person, taller person or the larger person.  They offer a free assessment to assess your requirements, a leaflet on tips and a no obligation home trial on an electric bed.

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  3. Can I ask the most stupid question anyone has ever asked?

    I went to find out more, then got asked what size bed I wanted 4 foot, 4 foot 6, 5 foot or 6 foot.

    Now I want a standard bed, I don’t want to see the price rise because I buy a giants bed, but I dont want to see the price go up as i ordered a smaller bed, so what size are beds normally please? Sorry

  4. My father had one of these beds when he was poorly and it was built to the highest quality, it also helped him avoid bed sores.

    Great quality, if you need one, buy one, expnsive mind, when he passed, my mother still had to pay the installments for a good two years after, we sold the bed in the end, but, it’s worth a good investment.

  5. Evan Taylor, you don’t really work for Land Of Freebies do you lol.

  6. I have used a chair from the said company and the service and quality of build has been second to none. Very happy and can highly recommend

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