Time for New Luggage?

Check out these offers for suitcases, luggage sets and/or accessories. Some are marked down up to 50%, so get ready for the Summer’s experience.   Don’t get bogged down at the airport or train station with clumsy baggage.

Travel in Style

  1. Actually I prefer Branded luggage, when on Holiday you are actually advertising the person you are with your luggage. It says a lot about you. I buy new Luggage each year and kindly donate my old Luggage to the less fortunate in Society.

  2. Great website – Thanks for this offer, I am need of some Luggage, it’s very hard to find the balance between price and quality, going abroad with cheep luggage isn’t a good idea. Any recomendation?

    • You can find both on the linked site. I have one had one Samsonite (expensive) and two cheap knock-off brand suitcases for over 12 years– they all are doing fine. Naturally, you don’t want to go too cheap, but middle-range would probably work ok.

  3. I actually still have the same luggage from when I left home over 20 years ago. You buy good quality it lasts, you buy cheap tack it falls apart. You get what you pay for, remember that next time you wanna pay £20 for a five piece luggage set.

    Personally, I’d recommend Leather suitcases

  4. I wouldn’t be seen dead holding luggage like this, put some quality luggage up!

    • We picked the picture at random because it was bright and cheery. Did you click on the link to find several pages of selections, in every price range? If you do, and still can’t find anything, let me know– I can link you to some very expensive stuff if you really want.

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