Queen Elizabeth II Coin – expired

This year, H.M. Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her 90th birthday. To commemorate this milestone, a new 90th birthday portrait of Her Majesty has been issued on the new Queen’s 90th Birthday Coin.  The coin is silver-plated.  The cost of this coin is just 90p and postage is just £2.50.   That’s not much to pay for a keepsake you and your family will treasure forever.  Get some for your friends– it would make a great gift.  It comes from the London Mint Office so you know it’s OK.

Coin expired

  1. You should be hung up in the London Dungeons and Shot. Treason!

  2. Wash your mouth out, Without our Queen we would be more like America! Imagine that, they are heading for a war if Donald Trump is their answer

  3. Hope you are joking Raynard? The Queen brings us more money and tourists and this will be lost, how will we survive?

  4. Should be totally free she gets enough of our tax payers money wish I was American not putting up with this tax on stupidity. I hate her myself. I’d much think we would be better if getting out of Europe then booting her to the side and running our country

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