Why use a freebie site?

We often get asked why should I use Land Of Freebies, or for that matter, any freebie website, I can find all of these freebies myself. Sure, you could, but in all honesty, it would take hours if not days to actually find them. Plus, Land Of Freebies does a lot of research before listing a freebie so you can be sure they are legit.


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  1. I use several freebies sites, landoffreebeis is one of the better ones, but there are others who can do more updates, it’s up to you really, I guess, this one is more cautious and the only thing to be worried about is the spam when you ask for free bulbs1 This indian dude keeps asking me to help him open a PayPal account for him lately, he tells me I am in need of your help. Please be warned, don’t do this for anyone

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