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ENTER NOW Win Robotic Vacuum

Win Robotic Vacuum

Eufy are giving you the chance to win a Robovac 11, worth £200, plus lots of other prizes over on their website! Just add your details to the form to enter. Click ‘GET FREEBIE’ and enter your name ...
free £200
Free Free Bodyform Sample Pack

Free Bodyform Sample Pack

Bodyform are giving away 89,000 FREE packs of sanitary towels. Simply head over to their website to claim yours. To claim yours click ‘GET FREEBIE’ and then scroll down and fill in your details on ...
Free Free Highway Code Book

Free Highway Code Book

THINK! are sending out FREE ‘Tales of the Road’ books which teaches young kids all about the Highway Code! Just add to your basket and checkout with your details to claim. Click ‘GET FREEBIE’ and ...
Free Sample Free Dog Food Pack

Free Dog Food Pack

Your dog is one of a kind, so why feed them generic one-size-fits-all food?  Tails believes that every dog will be at their happiest and healthiest when fed food that is tailored exactly to their ...
Deal Car Leasing made Easy

Car Leasing made Easy

Here at Apex Car Leasing we bring you the best deals tailored specifically to your needs! We will not push you towards a certain manufacturer as we do not have volume targets - we will simply get you ...

What’s the Catch?

We know the internet can be a perilous place, but we’re one of the good guys! Our team spend hours searching through websites to find you the best freebies, free samples and competitions.

Why do companies give away freebies?

I am glad you asked that! Companies only survive if people buy their products. Companies need you to try the products first, so to do this they like to offer freebies and free samples.

From freebies and free Razors through to free perfume samples and free beauty products, Land Of Freebies will list all of the current freebies available. You will often find the freebies first on our website, so be sure to follow us on Social media or join our free newsletter.

By giving away freebies and free samples, You are most likely to love the products and buy them in the future.


Leading brands like Duracell, Walkers, Nestle and Hugo Boss offer freebies and free samples through our website. To claim your freebie or free sample you simply need to click the Get it now button.

Why choose Us for your Freebies?


Using a reputable website like Land Of Freebies for your freebies, free samples and competitions means you are more likely to actually receive the peoduct you claim.

Leading brands  from right across the UK  Contact us directly to tell us about their new products and offer them to our visitors.

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We haven’t been very social have we?

We know, We haven’t been very Social before. It’s not our fault, all of our time has been dedicated in finding you freebies. But we will try harder, We are launching our brand new Social media profiles, watch this space and you will find out how you can enjoy more from Land Of Freebies on your favourite media.

Free Sample Free TENA  Discreet Sample

Free TENA Discreet Sample

Request your free TENA Lady Discreet sample, that now features microPROTEX™ technology, making it 20% thinner yet just as secure. They are designed to fit and move with the curves and shape of your ...
Free Free Baileys Bottle

Free Baileys Bottle

Get a FREE bottle of Baileys Almande from Send Me A Sample! Super taste, and no cost! All you need to do is chat to your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant apps. There are 4,800 to give away! Click ...
Free Sample Free Chanel Gabrielle Fragrance

Free Chanel Gabrielle Fragrance

Chanel are giving 39,000 FREE samples of their fragrance Gabrielle! Chanel is synonymous with quality. Just fill in your details to try it out for yourself. Click ‘GET FREEBIE’ and click ‘sign up’ ...
Free Free IAMS Cat & Dog Food

Free IAMS Cat & Dog Food

trnd are giving away a whopping 8,000 FREE bags of IAMS vitality cat & dog food.  Good health, great taste. To claim just sign up or sign in to your account. Click ‘GET FREEBIE’ and either sign ...
Free Sample Free DKNY Perfume Sample

Free DKNY Perfume Sample

DKNY are giving away FREE samples of their Stories perfume over on Facebook. You know that DKNY delivers on quality. Just fill in the form with your details to claim. Click ‘GET FREEBIE’ and then ...
Free Free Shower Head

Free Shower Head

SaveWaterSaveMoney are giving away FREE shower heads and water saving products to help you save money on your bills. You’ll see the difference. Enter your postcode and select your water company to ...
Free Free Red Bull Pack

Free Red Bull Pack

Red Bull are giving away 5,000 FREE cans of their energy drink! Energize yourself! Claiming yours couldn’t be easier – just enter your info in the online form. Click ‘GET FREEBIE’ and enter your ...
Free Free Revolution Concealer

Free Revolution Concealer

Get your FREE Revolution concealer when you sign up to TopCashback today. Save every day. Just buy the fast base concealer from Superdrug with delivery for £8 and TopCashback will refund you 100% of ...
Free Free Natural Tea Bags

Free Natural Tea Bags

Go natural but don’t fudge on taste. Eloments have FREE vitamin tea bags for you to try at home. The tea is enriched with 100% natural vitamins and minerals and comes in 3 tasty flavours. Just fill ...
Free Free Detergent Dosing Device

Free Detergent Dosing Device

SuperSavvyMe are giving away FREE liquid detergent dosing devices over on their site. Make sure your washer measures up. Just add to your basket and check out to claim! Click ‘GET FREEBIE’ and click ...
Free Sample Free Diesel Fragrance

Free Diesel Fragrance

Boots are giving away FREE samples of Diesel’s Only The Brave Street fragrance for you to try. Just fill in the form to claim! This is one you just have to try. Click ‘GET FREEBIE’ and scroll down ...
Free Free Blessed T-Shirt

Free Blessed T-Shirt

I’m Blessed are giving away FREE t-shirts over on their website! You are blessed, so let everyone know. Just fill in your details to claim one for yourself. Click ‘GET FREEBIE’ and fill in the form, ...
Deal Goodbye Junk Food

Goodbye Junk Food

Get rid of craving for junk food with one click. First online service that creates aversion to harmful food. Join the other 154,273 people changed their eating habits. No pills, no workout, body ...
Free Free Marmite Samples

Free Marmite Samples

Marmite have a whopping 250,000 FREE Marmite jars to give away! Great flavour and so useful! Just fill in the short form on their website and they’ll send a small bottle straight to your door. Such ...
Free Sample Free Go-Cat Food Sample

Free Go-Cat Food Sample

Purina are giving away 23,000 samples of their Go-Cat food for your pet to try! The purrrrrferct food. Just fill in the form to claim yours. Click ‘GET FREEBIE’ and scroll down to the online form to ...
Free Free Water Bottle

Free Water Bottle

CSL are giving away FREE water bottles over on their Facebook page! Just take a photo with their logo for your chance to claim. These are always handy. Click ‘GET FREEBIE’ to read about this ...
Free Free Jeans And T-Shirts

Free Jeans And T-Shirts

Zozo are giving away 26,500 sets of jeans and t-shirts for FREE! Look your best. To claim yours simply choose which items you’d like to receive and then download their app. Click ‘GET FREEBIE’ and ...
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